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About us

As a creative studio and engineering hub, we understand that technology by itself isn’t enough. We never forget the people who come together and make this happen.
That’s why we use advanced technology to make all of our work human-centric, with an understanding and empathy for what people need.
We’re here to create results which move you.


Jørgen Jakobsen

CEO and Creative Technologist

Jørgen’s background as an electrical engineer with many years of experience in a wide range of industries gives him a solid background to convert ideas to solutions.

In recent years he has developed and executed high-quality virtual user experiences – ranging from cultural and architectural to industrial solutions.

Jørgen LOVES to explore and challenge technology.

Amdi Kirkgaard

Maker and wizard

Amdi’s background as an electrical engineer and his profound technical experience has given him a unique profile as a digital business developer.
With his strong technical background, he works to erase the borders between construction technology and infrastructure.
With an explorative approach and high professionalism, he creates network solutions – always with the end user in mind.

Nicolai Amter

Nicolai Amter

Head of Creative/marketing

When it comes to content creation, Nicolai has a unique perspective due to his experience in the advertising and creative industries in London, where he worked as a creative, director, and photographer.
He also has a background in marketing, giving him an understanding of what works well from a promotional perspective. As someone always looking for new and innovative ways to create content, Nicolai is always up to date on the latest trends and technologies.