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The future is immersive and all around you.

Our studio specializes in creating bespoke, virtual reality and augmented reality experiences that let you explore the world in new ways.
We work with brands, educational institutions, museums, event makers and artists.
Let’s work with you too!

Serious games.

Learning is often augmented by adding gamification elements. We create interactive experiences that are exciting, educational, and fun!

Our team has years of experience in creating immersive and interactive virtual environments and is constantly exploring new ways to push the boundaries of what is possible with these exciting technologies.

Learning while being there.

Together with the safety specialists at Maersk Training, we developed the training concept and an extensive storyboard to optimize the time on board. We boarded one of the world’s largest container vessels, Elly Maersk, and using the onboard crew as actors, we captured extensive footage in 360 degrees to use as content for the VR experience.

Remote and still together.

CoastZone wanted to expand their teambuilding universe with a virtual element and translate their unique spirit and philosophy into the virtual world.

A teambuilding platform in VR with the capacity of more than 30 participants at the same time requires a lot of technology, but for us, is technology just a tool to create the best experience based on the customer’s needs. – We master the possibilities of technology, but the important thing is the understanding of the customer’s needs – and the technology must be as invisible as possible. Therefore, the technique is also hidden away in the teambuilding platform, so the participants only have access to the absolutely necessary choices and functions.

Industrial robotics simulation

The world-leading industrial robotics vendor Omron wanted to showcase their newest models on a big trade show, while not being able to supply the physical robots.

The solution: A VR simulation that created a long queue of people thrilled to try it out.

Museum experiences

Museums often face challenges in regard to effectively disseminating information and engaging audiences. Through interactive and immersive exhibits, we make history come alive and make it more inviting for visitors.

Prison Break

Museum Horsens used virtual reality as a new tool in their storytelling.

CollectiveFlow has created an experience where the audience in the prison museum can dig their way through Lorentzens 18 m long tunnel – and thereby experience the world’s craziest prison escape.

The VR edition of Lorentzen’s Tunnel is delivered on Oculus Quest headsets run by powerful gaming computers. The technical possibilities are challenged to the maximum, and a great deal of work has been done to incorporate a complicated technical setup into a user-friendly and robust museum layout.

Live streaming the history

The Covid lockdown was a huge challenge for museums. We developed a way to disseminate the history, live-streamed in 360 degrees, from the places it happened.
We are specialists in ruggedised network and camera solutions and managed to enable live-streaming in high fidelity from both archaeological sites far out in the fields, as well as from a helmet on a cycling museum curator.

Immersive experiences in the real world

Photogrammetry is a computer graphics technique that allows highly detailed 3D models to be generated from hundreds or even thousands of photographs.
The results are valuable for digitizing historical heritage and the generated 3D models can be used to develop immersive experiences. For this project, an old church ruin was thoroughly photographed and digitized using Reality Capture, and the 3D model was processed using the latest Unreal Engine 5 technologies, Nanite and Lumen.

The best screensaver you will ever have.

Smukfest in Skanderborg is a beautiful and fun music festival. Lots of adventures and surprises await you as you explore the festival grounds.

With our awesome screensaver with a 24-hour physically built digital clock, now you can watch at a screensaver for hours on end and never get bored.
You’ll be able to use this for your Mac and PC at home.

Download for you Mac
Download for your PC

Dangerous and still safe

CoastZone and Grøn Koncert wanted to bring the thrilling feeling of heights and bungy jumping to a wider audience – and down to earth. We moved the fun into VR and added beer!

The virtual theatre

White Hole Theatre is an experimental platform that merges real-world theatrical experiences with reality-enhancing technologies to tell stories in an unprecedented way.
The actors perform on stage for a live audience, while their acting, gestures and mimics, using advanced motion capture and animation techniques, are transformed into a virtual representation of what we call the “Metastage”. The actors and audience are able to participate in the play on the Metastage in VR from places around the world.
The story told, is a factual and contrafact story about the fight for the Danish throne around Viborg in the year 1150, not unlike Game of Thrones. CollectiveFlow brings all our knowledge of VR, AR, motion capture, network solutions and systems integration into bringing this bleeding-edge virtual stage to life.

Read more about the project here:

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