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Horsens Prison Museum


VR Experience

In the prison museum in FÆNGSLET many stories come alive. One of the most dramatic is that of the escape of the gentleman thief and escape artist, Carl August Lorentzen, who managed to flee the prison, a December night in 1949. Lorentzen achieved nation-wide fame when he made a spectacular escape through an 18-meter-long tunnel from his cell in the basement.

The Challenge

Dissemination is one of the great challenges of the museums.

How do you peek the interest of modern kids, teenagers and adults, on the many important stories which museums are the keeper of? Can you create a time machine where museum guests can follow the tracks of the prisoner Lorentzen when he escapes the prison?

The Approach

A turn-key immersive Virtual Reality experience, suitable for all ages. VR is the closest you can get to an actual time machine because VR can move you in time and space and get you real close and hands on with history.
Lorentzen’s escape route and tunnel was meticulously modelled in realistic 3D from old photos and police reports. We developed a dramatic VR game experience where the museum guests physically crawl through the virtual tunnel and dig their way out into freedom.

What our clients say

Merete Bøge Pedersen, Museum Director, Horsens Museum:
CollectiveFlow are incredibly skilled. They have a great insight to all technical aspects, and have a big net that catches everything we throw at it, so they consistently come up with new ideas before we do.
They can see where and how we can take the story even further, and that is exactly what VR should do for museums; provide the best possible experience of a real event.
At the same time, CollectiveFlow takes ownership of the product they are involved in, from idea to finished product. They follow the project all the way - even after delivery.
It has been an exemplary collaboration on something that we as a museum haven't tried before

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