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VR Experience

For more than 80 years, the VELUX Group has created better indoor environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into buildings all over the world. The products help create bright, healthy and energy-efficient places to live, work, learn and play in.

When you, like VELUX, are a market leader, you almost have an obligation to be first with new technology, and VELUX puts a constant and huge effort into being on the front in both product development and the storytelling around the products.

CollectiveFlow is a long-term and trusted partner with VELUX in visualizing the benefits of improving the indoor climate through the roof.​

Virtual Reality production for Velux

The Challenge

Those who incorporate new technologies first, gets the attention from others, and VELUX wants to be on the forefront and set the bar high. VELUX have been using 3D visualizations in sales initiatives for many years, and now wants to bring these to a higher level and provide an even stronger experience.

The Approach

CollectiveFlow has delivered a large number of photorealistic VR experiences to VELUX that allow the customer to experience the lighting and views of houses with different window configurations and at different times of the day.

CollectiveFlow has moved VELUX to a new level in photorealistic animated movies, that combines real life footage with animated sequences and explainers.

What our clients say

Henrik Norlander Smith, Senior Manager, Building Industry, Velux:
"VELUX has chosen CollectiveFlow as preferred provider of VR solutions because of their overall understanding, accessibility, technical and graphic know-how.
CollectiveFlow has a special understanding of what the VR media can do. For us as a customer, it gives us the assurance that we have a certainty that they keep up with new possibilities within VR and related media. Thereby we can be first to market and constantly experiment with the newest technologies.
At the same time, CollectiveFlow has a deep understanding of what VR and other technologies can contribute to in relation to VELUX. They have a special ability to put themselves in the customer's place, so we develop and innovate together."

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