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VR Experience

Maritime Training is rooted in the A.P. Møller – Maersk Group, and Maersk Training have over 40 years of experience equipping vessel crew and operators with the right competencies to deliver safe and efficient operations.

In the Maersk organization, safety is always the top priority, and it is a basic principle that being prepared for challenges improves safety and productivity. At Maersk Training, people are trained so that they can handle real life situations in a safe manner.

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The Challenge

Access to real-life vessels is scarce and difficult to arrange in the hectic and turbulent reality of todays shipping industry. Classroom training rarely justifies the rough and dangerous conditions offshore, and it is vital to keep the students engaged throughout the sessions. How do we introduce the maritime students to a diverse set of realistic scenarios, and teach them to identify possible hazards on board?

The Approach

An immersive VR experience with gamification elements, that takes you onboard and around a huge container vessel.

Together with the safety specialists at Maersk Training, we developed the training concept and an extensive storyboard to optimize the time on board. We boarded one of the world’s largest container vessels, Elly Maersk, and using the onboard crew as actors, we captured extensive footage in 360 degrees to use as content for the VR experience. The final experience was deployed worldwide to all major Maersk locations using our favorite device management system, ManageXR, which lets you control your VR devices remotely.

Maersk Training - front page case photo
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